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“Ask Yourself these Questions”

Do you want to be recognised for the support you give your Local Community?

Are your customer’s members of Local Clubs, Schools or Community groups who need money?

Are you constantly being asked for Donations or Vouchers but don’t know how much business you actually get back in return?

If your Local Clubs, Schools or Community groups had to stop providing these services due to lack of funds, would it affect your Business or personal life?

When you advertise your business – How do you know how much business you get in return for the investment in that advertisement?


“Together We Support”

Having the Decal “Together We Support” on the front of your business will let your local community know that your Business cares.

In the Month of July when a member/supporter shops in your Business and scans their key fob or App we ask that you donate 2 cents back to their local community group from every euro that they have spent in your business on that visit.

If a customer without a key fob or App shops in your business in July then you don’t need to make donation on those transaction.

Without local clubs, schools or community groups there is No Community. So please help us keep our Communities Alive. All funds raised from businesses will be paid over in Full to the community organisations, The system is fully Transparent and Traceable by You the Business the Community groups and customers by login in via their password on the website or App.

If you spend €400 on an advertisement, it is paid up front and you hope you get business from it. Before you have paid out the same €400 in donations to local community groups, your business will have taken in €20,000 from members of these local community groups.


“What’s the Cost”

There is no cost to the business. - The 2 cents per Euro Donation through “Together We Support” campaign is Fully Tax Deductible.

There will be a fully refundable deposit required on the Tablet/Scanner and stand if you require one.

All Decal’s and marketing materials are free.

The community organisations will have to pay the software company a small percentage of what they have received to cover the use of the tablets/software plus all the processing and hosting charges. Other than that everything else is Voluntary.

You can trace every transaction and donation through your unique account and password set up on the website.

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