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Clubs, Schools, Community Groups and Charities



 “Ask Yourself These Questions”

Does your club, school, community group or charity need funds in order to keep providing these much needed services in your community?

Is it getting harder to keep asking the same people to help - with so many other worthy causes out there also asking?

When big retailers promote that they are supporting this sport organisation or charity, do you feel that sometimes this type of fundraising is slow at working its way down to the Local Community organisations like yours?

Would it be nice to get extra funds into your organisation without it costing your members/supporters a Cent?


 “Together We Support”

Local Businesses derive their customers from the local community where they trade. They are mostly owned or run by local people who would do anything they could to keep these community organisations alive.

By using the technology available through the “Together We Support” campaign we can bring local businesses and local organisations together with a cost effective Tax deductible means of supporting each other.

The system is Fully Transparent and all donations are traceable online from business to local clubs, schools, community groups and charities.

 Once your members/supporters have registered for a key fob or App through your organisation, for the Month of July they simply go into the businesses that are supporting the “Together We Support” campaign and 2 cents from every euro that they spend in these businesses are donated direct to your organisation.

The system is free of charge to business but there will be a charge to the community organisations from the software company supplying the Tablet/scanners and to cover hosting and processing of donations. This will be in the form of a small % of the funds received by the community organisations. All donations are paid over in Full, after this the invoice from the software company (L.C. Software Ltd) is due.


“What to do Next”


First register your club, school, community group or charity here. We will then send you login details so you can track all donations in real time.

Now start registering you’re members/supporters for key fob or App, so that their donation from shopping goes to your community organisation. This is done through your login on the website. We can also provide you with direct registration link for posting on your social media pages.

It is important for the success of the campaign and to generate as much income as possible for your organisation by liking and reposting our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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